Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have been told by "SOME" people that my story with Brandon and his cut lip did not make sense. Apparently they did not get how Brandon could be naked and then all of a sudden have a cut lip.

So here it goes....

Brandon has a very very very hard time getting dressed in the morning. He looses track of what he is doing from the time he is told to get dressed to walking over to his dresser and getting dressed. So he may take off his underwear and go to the bathroom and then forget that he is suppose to get dressed and sneaks into the computer room and plays computer. Or he takes all of his cloths off and goes downstairs and watches the morning cartoons. I have tried a lot of different things to help him get dressed by himself, none have been very successful. The only way that we can get him dressed in the morning is if I get him dressed. Now here is where I become extremely stubborn and I believe that he is 6 years old and can get dressed on his own. He is capable but has a hard time. Now if school was 2 hours after we wake up it would be different but we usually have only an hour and a half. So our normal day getting ready for school consits of me constantly telling Brandon to get dressed, at least every 10 minutes. Some days are good and he gets dressed within a half hour of getting up. Other days he is barely dressed by the time his bus comes.

So that is the background of his dressing habits. Now on the day that he fell, he had been in the middle of getting dressed and he was in the stage of being naked and not hearing me when I am telling him to get dressed. So while I was upstairs getting Nathan's medicine, he had brought his cloths to the stair landing (we have a by-level in our home) and was climbing up the stairs to get to his cloths when he slipped on the stairs and cut his lip.

I hope that this has cleared up any confusion on how Brandon went from being naked to having a cut lip.

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