Monday, August 22, 2011


Ahh my baby is getting older!! My little Nay Nay is so old now! While we were in Colorado we celebrated his 7th birthday! His request for a cake was a after searching the web for some dinosaur cake inspiration, I found this betty crocker dinosaur cake demonstration.
By the time we were ready to actually eat the cake, the neck had melted! Mostly just the icing oozed it looked like it had a skin graph! But no worries, it was still delicious! 
 Aunt Jenni with her boys...Zayne and Cade

 Uncle Joe (the one he looks so much like) and his daughter Payten
 The MANY faces of Nathan
 Opening Presents.....Dinosaurs
 Getting ready to blow out candles....he couldn't wait for his cake, and I got his 100% approval!
 Lighting of the cake and making wishes....
 Uncle Chris showing him how to eat his piece.....
 3 generation picture with Grandpa Longan
 Cousins- Dallie and Wyatt waiting for their piece of cake....
 Eating.....(notice Joe's pretty princess plate)
 Mommy finally sitting down and eating her hard work!
What a fun day of food and family! 

Happy Birthday Nathan! I love you!

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