Monday, August 29, 2011

Productive Weekend

I have had a very productive weekend! Because of my newly found motivation I was able to whip up a quilt top already. I was then able to short through my scraps!! So after 5 hours, they were all sorted into color and then little projects that I have.
 I did make a quick run to Hancock Fabrics to get some black and orange fabric. I surprisingly didn't have any of those! Scraps yes. but enough to actually do this, no.
 I am thinking of adding another row to the bottom, but I will have to see if I have enough fabric in my scrap bins ( I saw some as I was tossing them in the right color bins, but not sure how many)
There is all of my Halloween i spy squares.

I don't have pictures of my bins yet, mostly because I need to fold and sort all of my other fabrics. But I will post one when I am done with it....

Now with that done, tonight I am going to start Nathan's dinosaur i spy quilt.
 Nathan has been bugging me to do it for awhile now and I think I have enough different variety saved up, well as variety that I can do.
I needed to wait a few more days because since Spoonflower had their free sample day I asked people to get me a sample of any of their dinosaur prints. Not a ton but any extra square I can get, is another square!

Hopefully this quilt top will be done soon, and then I can start my next Moda Bake Shop quilt project. I just finished one and hopefully it will be posted in the middle of next month.

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Riel Nason said...

You are bionic! That was FAST!! Love all the Halloween goodness.