Sunday, August 21, 2011

Charming Wedding Quilt

One thing that keep me so busy during my time at my Mom's was finishing (okay making) this wedding quilt for my cousin!

 I didn't get any good pictures of the lovely couple! They got married in the Denver Temple. Such a beautiful ceremony!
 Catie was a bridesmaid, she looked so beautiful!
 I got to catch up with my Aunt Carrie (although 2 of our kids are around the same age....weird)
Here is Catie and I...

***I stole some pictures from facebook of the happy couple.....***
 Tim and Jessica
 Jessica and Tim with my Grandpa Schnakenburg and his new wife Sally....they have been married for almost a year I can't say new wife too much longer....

The quilt.......
 I took more pictures of the quilt....does that say anything about me? But I introduce....Charming Wedding Quilt
 I took the design from the Moda Bake Shop - Stefani Roman made - Charming Stars Quilt. I like this quilt so much and my Mom does too...that my Mom has made 2 quilts off this pattern already!
 This is one HUGE quilt! I haven't made one this big in a long finishes approximately 106"x106", my cousin Jessica wanted a queen size quilt, I think this qualifies!

 I used some 1930 print charm squares that my Mom had, although I ran out and had to pull some fabric from my stash to use, and then for some reason I could not count for the life of me and had to "re-count" the number of squares needed 5 different times....then when it came down to it, I had to run to JoAnnes to get some more fabric!!
 Here is the back....a more modern twist. I stayed up late late one night finishing this back.

 I really like my small little colored stars on the back.
I had to leave the reception early (due to a screaming Nathan - who was loosing it and Brandon who was threatening to scream because the music was too loud) so I didn't get to see her reaction to it, or hear how she liked it (HINT JESSICA). Although she is probably still on her honeymoon! But my Grandpa's new wife Sally and her daughter Terry LOVED it! So since at least one person loves was a success!!!