Friday, August 26, 2011

Never fails.....

It never fails to get me motivated.....

Today I was just chilling with Bubble, and relaxing and doing nothing. Now doing nothing is playing computer games and watching movies. I decided to catch up on all of my blogs....and this is no small feat...I mean I have TONS of different blogs that I follow and read to get inspired and whatnot.

Now I did plan today to sew, but just wasn't in the "mood" until I started checking my blogs. Now I am all motivated to start sewing again and then the worse of all....start "new" projects!!

Let me show you what has inspired me today....

From L'Fair Quilts - Go To Quilt
She is always making fun and interesting quilts. She has a more traditional style of quilts....she is also very sweet!
 From Film in the Fridge - This is her Kites in the Clouds quilt
She has a modern style and she is always bursting with cute quilts!
 Then again from Film in the Fridge - Gradual Rainbow Quilt. 
I really like her twist on the rainbow style quilts.
 Then of course at CrazyMomQuilts, she always has something fun she is working on! Here is one that I have been seeing a lot lately everywhere, her 9-patch quilt along quilt....This is on my list for sure!!
 Then CrazyMomQuilts is finishing another quilt along right now, it's a 36 patch quilt. I love the color combos and just how pretty it is!!! I think I can use a LOT of my scraps on this too!
 Then LASTLY from Reil in Canada, The Q and the U she is making a Halloween I spy quilt! Now this is what I am going to start making today!!! I am going to go through all of my i spy squares (and boys is it growing!) and decide on a pattern and start working. This sounds REALLY fun and exciting!

All of these fun ideas, and I am not even half-way through my blog list!! I like to add to my "to-do someday" list and then never do them! LOL But we will see since the kids are in school I am planning on getting a lot of my WIPs done- all in time to add more!!

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