Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sleeping Time

Some may think I have been sleeping, oh do I wish I was sleeping....but alas this is life during summer.

I am now home from Colorado and visiting my Mom and Sister. I had a very fun time and am so glad to be home! But what has this done to me??? I am WAY behind on my blog. As I update I will try to mix in my crafting/quilting posts with all of my family posts, so I don't bore everyone!

One of the last days in Colorado I had to get up early to be somewhere ( the beginning of my kid free morning...these are rare!) I got out of bed and then it was swarming with my little ones!

It made me a little sad to leave them! I love how peaceful they are when they are sleeping! 
Which speaking of sleeping (catching the theme here?) I am enjoying my last week of being able to sleep in. The boys are very good for me in the morning and I am able to snooze after they wake up. They come up and snuggle with me, tattle on brothers and ask what's for breakfast....but hey I am still in bed and am able to snooze/sleep! This won't last much longer since Brandon and Nathan start school on Monday and the days of getting up early will begin....until then I am enjoying "Sleeping Time".

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Amy said...

Oh sleep. You lucky girl :). Glad you had such a good time in Colorado. Can't wait for more updates.