Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Star Sample Quilt Along 2010

It's done!! Okay so its been done for some time now, a few months...but the important thing is, it's not OFFICIALLY done until I post about it!
 I ended up editing it quite a bit. First because I couldn't go back to the ladies blog and actually finish it,  I had waited too long and then had to pay for it....no thank you.....
 But I also have some left over blocks that I am going to turn into pillow covers!
 But this bad boy is going to go in my living room! It will go very nicely with the quilt that is over the couch right now.
 In February, my sister Catie came up with an awesome design for my living room, because I also have 2 other larger frames I need to put up, but I have forgotten the layout! So I need her to come visit me again to help me out! Or have my awesome cousin, Amy come help me again!
I must say I feel good to be able to put this on my "finished" list now!

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Irina said...

Lovely Aster Manor! I'm finishing a quilt using this fabric, it's great to see something made with it. Your quilt looks lovely!