Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Boys Starting School

Brandon and Nathan started school again last week! I have mixed feelings....VERY happy that they are in school now and out of my hair, but then sad that I won't see them as much anymore. Then I feel very guilty for having them gone and being happy they are gone! Going into the second week now, I am feeling better.

This year they are riding the school bus too and from school! I am so excited about this because I don't have to spend 2 hours in the van each day dropping off and picking them up from school now.
 So far they are loving school. Nathan has made some new friends, which I am so proud of him!
 In Math, since Brandon is so far ahead of everyone else, they have him on the computer now doing some harder math. This is great because Brandon would get so bored!

 Even riding the bus, things aren't perfect, Brandon has received 2 citations in the first week! You are only  allowed 4 for the whole school year! Apparently the bus is pretty crowded and Brandon has lost his temper with people. He has major sensory issues and people being too close or too loud drives him nuts!
 Thankfully the school if VERY understanding of Brandon and are actually working with me to help him instead of just getting mad. So we have come up with a few ideas that should help him. Only time will tell.
I can't believe how big my boys are getting! Brandon is now in 3rd grade and Nathan in 2nd! Where has the time gone?

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