Friday, August 19, 2011


While I was in Colorado and mailing all of the I-Spy fabrics (long story), I ran into an old family friend. I grew up with her son and knew her family really well.

She told me that she had some quilt tops that she would love to have quilted but didn't know anyone who did that. So she asked me if I could quilt them for her. These were quilted by her Grandmother and she wanted them finished so she could give them to her children and grandchild.
 I was so nervous doing this, I mean they are practically antique! This quilt I had originally put together, but then wasn't happy with it, so I took it apart (I had already started quilting a little) and re-pinned it.
 I used the spray basting method for it, which I was rather happy with, because taking it apart was a lot easier than taking out all of the pins.
 The quilt top was a little harder to deal with because it wasn't 100% perfect (kinda like my quilts) but I had to do a rather loose stitch so that the puckering on top blended in well.
So I did a nice loose meandering stitch on it. I was VERY happy with the results. Also using the basting spray made quilting it a LOT faster because I didn't have to stop every 4 inches to take out pins.
 This quilt is for her grandchild. I didn't have to "re-baste" this one, but I kinda wish I had because there was a little bit of puckering in the back. I would have tried harder to fix it, but by this time I was so tired and fed up- it was the best that I could do.
 So don't judge me too harshly...just think, it has a lot more character!
 I did a tight meandering stitch around the flowers and then a loopy stitch on the boarders. I also outlined the flower as well.
 I was really nervous about the dark green stitch, but my Mom assured me that it looked fine, and I think it looks good too. I was going for a "vein" look due to the flowers.
Here on the back you can kinda see the flower outline. I was really proud of it, but then was mad at myself for the puckering. If it was MY quilt I would have just let it go, because really....I don't care that much, but since I was doing it for someone else, I felt really bad.

For my hard work?? Total of about 8 hours....$100. A lot less than you would normally have, but since she was an old family friend I only charged $50 per one. She also has 2 other quilts she would like me to finish for her as well for Christmas. So she likes her quilts enough for me to do more! So I guess I did something right.

Hopefully I am not the only one that always second guesses their work!


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I wish my quilting would look like yours *sighs*
well done!