Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bags for Boys

I am on a bag high! This weekend Travis's siblings and family are going to up to Island Park, Idaho to stay in a local cabin for the weekend. We are going to play in the snow and snow mobile. Immediately when I know that we are going somewhere out of the normal I think of things that I need to do, to help my boys enjoy their weekend. With being in a new place I try to come up with tons of different activities that my boys can do. I try to have activities that they can do constantly. So I thought, "hey, if I made them their own little bag, maybe they would be more excited about some of their activities." They feel more special if they have something of them own. So that is what I did. Thanks to Bobbi over at Crafty Vegas Mom, I made more of her little bags. I just love the handles. I did alter the pattern a little so that I could put a zipper in. I also monogramed their first inital on the front. Even though they are different fabrics, they like the names. If anyone knows my kiddos, you KNOW that they are very protective of their names and you can only call them by their Grandpa Walker knows! I just love them and am glad that I have the knowledge on how to make them. Hopefully this is something that they can keep for a long time.

**Do we notice Thomas the Train fabric for Kimball???? My little 2 year old is obsessed with Thomas the train. He is VERY excited about his new baggie.


Bobbi said...

those are C U T E!!!!
what a great idea! i bow to you on the zipper. they scare me. ive done 1 bag with a zipper...and never looked at them again. :)

Luv 2 Kreate said...

How cute. YOu did a great job on the bags and I am sure your boys will feel special and loved while they are on their trip!

Anonymous said...

So adorable! Such a great idea. Travis knows what he's talking about; listen to him. The boys will always remember them, love them forever. When they're not using them, you can always have them put their jammies in, and use them for little pillows also.
Great job, Crystal!

Anonymous said...

Can't figure out what I did. I'am the annonymoous one. It's me, Pat from
Man, don't know what I did, but will try to send this for the anonymous said...LOL here goes againLOL Happy quilting

pat said...

I quit. You know who I'am....the end. LOL last try LOL Just can't give up LOL Go ahead laugh everybody. I'am learning. LOL Just know quilting. LOL
I still those babbie's, Crystal. LOL Here goes!

Pat said...

I meant baggies
Going to go have a cup of hot tea and realx after this!