Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve

Last night for New Year's Eve, we stayed home and watched movies and ate pizza. We were going to let the boys stay up as late as they wanted and have them sleep in the living room. Then Travis had a wonderful idea. I don't know how he comes up with this, may be the boy in him....or that he still is a boy.

This was earlier in the day. Kimball's eyes were goopy. We took him to the doctor and he said that he has a bacterial infection in his eyes. So we have eye drops now for him. He is doing better now.

A beautiful fort! It took up half the living room!

We took the mattresses off the boy's bed and layed them on the ground. We clamped the blankets to the entertainment center and then drapped the blankets on baskets and chairs.

Nathan was getting very sleepy around this time. It was about 8pm. Poor guy!

Then he got mad at me for taking pictures of him.

So cute!! Don't worry he forgave me!

This shows Kimball's eyes a little more. The poor little guy hated getting the drops in his eyes so much! I had to pin him down and hold him while Travis pried his eyes open to let in a drop. It's worth the torture because his eyes are much better this morning. Just another day of torture!

Travis and I. Travis played a computer game most of the evening while I finished my sewing projects. It is what we called a very realaxing night. It was actually rather hard for us to stay up until midnight, and then as soon as it rang in the New Year, we went to bed!

Brandon found a new spot to sleep. He squished himself between the mattress. He really liked it. A lot of sensory relief.

Nathan was asleep by 8:30pm. I didn't think he would last long, but Brandon made it to midnight. He was so excited that he could stay up as long as he wanted!

Kimball ended up in his bed. He sleeps best in bed. He wasn't feeling well because of his eyes, and then from Mom and Dad torturing him....he just wanted to be held and cuddled.

My sweet little baby.

I hope everyone had a New Year as well as we did. I look forward to this New Year and the wonderful things to come. I plan on trying to become a better person. Happy New Year everyone!

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Luv 2 Kreate said...

Looks like a wonderful end to 2009! My sister and I used to love making forts in my Nanny's living room. We would play in them for days at a time.

Your family is adorable :)

What sewing projects did you work on?