Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

:::::::::::Apparently this is for Jan 15th! Well I had a practice! ::::::::::::::

Last night I didn't get too much done because we had company, so I sewed during the day! It was nice and relaxing to just sit and sew and listen to my book on tape! I worked on my string quilt, and I have all of the square done! Now for next weekend I can take all of the paper off and get it ready to sew together.

These are the blocks that I got done yesturday

Here are a few of the blocks that I LOVE the most. They are the scraps of the Astor Manor fabric I got from Santa.

Now here are the rest of my blocks...some are already peeled...but it actually takes some time!

Now a question to you quilters....I am not good at math, period. My blocks are 8" each. I have a total of 84 blocks. Will this be enough for my bed? I made a quilt for my bed and it is too SMALL! It fits length wise but is just too narrow for us. Oh well. So I just want to make sure that this one is big enough! It should be about 96" X 112". What do you think my fellow quilters!??

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Luv 2 Kreate said...

I thought it was last night too :)
What book are you listening too? I never thought to do that.