Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snowmobiling Trip

This past weekend we had the opprotunity to go up to Island Park, Idaho for the 3 day weekend. We had a fun time with family and playing in the snow. We played games, ate, went snow mobiling, ate, watched movies, ate and just had a relaxing time. I took so many pictures, and looking at all of them I wished I would have taken more!!! I have a lot that I wanted to share!

Kimball playing in the snow. He LOVED it! He would constantly try to throw snow at you.
Daddy with Nathan and Kimball. When we first got there, Brandon didn't seem too interested in playing inthe snow, but later that day he did end up going outside and loved it.
Grandpa Walker and Uncle Syd talking about who was going to do what.
Mommy and Kimball.

Aunt April and her daughter Brittnay

Aunt Jacque, she is going to HATE me for posting this but it just shows what we all did! We ATE!
Grandma Walker and Riley talking about very important things!
We did a lot of watching tv on the nice BIG screen tv.
Then the adults got into playing the Wii

Kimball even got into it!

Great Grandma Beazer and Brittnay eating some nuts

Of course we couldn't leave home without Kimball's trains!!
Aunt Rose sticking in 3 or maybe 4 giant cheato balls into her mouth. She apparently holds the record of the most cheese balls in the mouth.

We had 4 snowmobiles and 2 four wheelers. So we all took turns on the snowmobiles and then tied sleds to the back of the four wheelers and pulled kids and adults.

Grandpa Walker and Brandon

Uncle Syd with the helper Kimball. He was throwing a snowball at Brandon
My Kimball!! He would have stayed outside all day if we would have let him.
Brandon and Uncle Wayne. We all came in after awhile and started playing games.
Travis and Aunt Melissa playing the Wii.  They were doing a disco dance along thing.
We had some very good chili the first night! This is Aunt Ruth Ann and Kimball. Not sure if Kimball was too happy to have his picture taken, he wanted to eat!
Riley eating her meal. She was so cute!

Here is Uncle Wayne, Travis and Uncle Derek playing the Wii. They were doing the dancing thing too!
And of course we had out spectators on the side taking pictures of the funny scene.

The next day with Aunt April and Sierra. Sierra was really happy but was having a silly face.

Carson eating! Did I mention we did a lot of eating?

Brandon lost another tooth there! Thank goodness the Tooth Fairy was able to find him there! He lost his second front tooth.

Daddy and Kimball doing a puzzle. Kimball did more of taking apart than help, but it's okay.
We had a side tv that we hooked up an Xbox360. Nathan had a lot of fun playing Lego Batman, and apparantly Robin is not a "cool" player.

Brandon did a lot of workbook activities

Sunday night, the adults watched movies after the kids went to bed. Brandon and Carson had some trouble going to bed, so they were laying down watching some cartoon. They thought they were some cool stuff watching tv so late like the grown-ups!

Here are all the grand kids with Great Grandma Beazer
Travis and Aunt Ruth Ann....Kimball was ready to go home.
Kimball is buckled in and has his puppy....he is ready

Brandon and Nathan are buckled in and ready to head home. They had a fun morning riding the snowmobile while Mom packed and helped clean the cabin
Daddy had a fun time this morning too....

And me ready to go home!! Do you see the dark circles under the eyes??

We all had a fun time and I hope we can do it again next  year. The last time we had a trip like this, it was eight years ago and Travis and I just became engaged. On the trip home we drove through Rexburg where we lived and went to college. The town is growing so much and changing. We did manage to find some of the old things. It's always a weird feeling going through a place you have once lived.


Amy and Cody said...

How fun! You are right lots of pictures, love the sledding oneS!

Luv 2 Kreate said...

Looks like you had a great time...I always ready to get back home after a fun filled trip, but it is nice to get away every once in a while :)