Monday, January 25, 2010

Bar Stool covers

I have been meaning for some time to make a cushion/cover for our barstools. I always like to put covers on things because they are usually so easy to clean. So that is what I did tonight. I took an old table cloth that matched our curtains and got to work. I was very impressed how well they turned out.



This picture makes the cover look more pink, but it actually a deep red.


Andry said...

Spacify has a wide range of bar stool for your kitchen room.

Amy and Cody said...

Cute!! Nice work!

Aimee said...

Looks great!!! I like your header too!

Landon and Kayla said...

Crystal! I love it! you are so amazing and crafty! So when did you say you could come and decorate my house? :)

Pat said...

Crystal, those bar seat covers are beautiful. You sure did a nice job on them. That's something I've never done, is cover a stool like that. I love the fabric you chose, and the quilting on the fabric. In the photo it Looks like someone else is enjoying the covering also LOL. What a neat idea. I like most of my things covered also. I enjoy your blog a lot. Best of luck to you and your family, Crystal, and have fun quilting and being creative.I love seeing your work. Bye. Hugs to your family.