Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Chefs

I have been feeling better latey so when Brandon asked if he could make something, I thought "why not". So he ran upstairs and he got his pretend/real chef's hat and apron and came down stairs. We were going to make rice crispy treats.

(By this time he was so TIRED of me taking pictures)

Like Father like son, Brandon wanted the stirring spoon when everything was all done

They were a BIG success!

Then for dinner they asked if they could help make it. I thought since cooking with Brandon was so easy and wasn't stressful we could try dinner. Brandon dropped out after a few minutes. He wanted to watch cartoons more than cook since he already did his. So it was just me and Nathan. I had to help a lot more since we were working with eggs and a stove, but he did great.

We had Tongan Pancakes. When Travis was on his mission, they ate so much Top Roman they had to come up with creative ways to eat it. When we were first married Travis made this for me and it has been a favorite since.

You take a package of top roman and split it into two ( you may need to run it under water to break it up a little) then dip it into an egg that you beat on a plate. You take the two seperate top roman pieces (pancakes) and dip each in the egg on both sides and then put it into a pan and fry it on both sides until the egg is cooked. Pour the extra egg left onto the two pancakes. When you turn the pancake over to cook the second side, place a piece of american cheese on each one. This will have the cheese nice and melted. While those cook get 2 pieces of bread (one for each pancake) and put a little bit of your favorite bbq sauce on it. Then place the cooked pancakes on each piece of bread and there you have it. A Tongan Pancake! (Thinking back he could have created this with his Tongan companion....but I am not sure)

Nathan's creation!

If you like Top Roman like I do, you will really like this new twist. And if you use a slice of fat free piece of american cheese, a low carb bbq sauce and low cal is approximately 300 calories. It really fills you up too!


Lopez Life said...

The rice crispy treats look good, but I'm not so sure about your "pancakes"! LOL But I won't knock them until I try them!

JT, Carly, Boston, Jocelyn and Snuggles said...


I haven't had a computer in about a week and wow..I've missed a lot on your blog!! Sorry but I don't think I will be trying the Ramen pancakes anytime soon!! I love all your new creations and it looks like the snowmobile trip was a blast.

Jody said...

I'm totally loving the chef's hats!

Pat said...

Yum! Yum! Looks like Brandon's crispy treats were a success! Now to Nathon. It looks like he didn't do too bad either, on the Tongon pancakes. All I can say, is that they sure look like they're having fun, and have made me hungry. Now I have to go feed my tummy! LOL Love your blog, Crystal!