Monday, January 25, 2010

Family History Monday

Last Monday I was out of town, so this Monday I will add two questions.

Who were your childhood hereos?
I don't really remember who I idolized, but I do remember when I was little, I loved my Primary teacher, Sister Southwick. She just had grace and patience, I just loved her. I am not sure where she is today. I also wanted to be like Reba McIntire when I grew up.

What were your favorite songs and music?
I grew up listening to country music. I never really got into "pop" music or any others. I always listened to country and to this day I still do. Some of my favorite songs were and still are, "God Bless the USA", and "Fancy" by Reba McIntire.  I did like learning Primary songs. I really liked "A Child's Prayer" and I loved the second part because I could remember that part better than the first.

What about you?

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Pat said...

Wow! Those are easy questions for me. I could tell you a long story, but I won't; I will keep it short. These questions just bring back a lot of old memories. Anyway, my childhood hero, was my grandma, who taught me how to quilt, and I had so much fun with her. She taught me so much about quilting. She came from the "old country" so called back then, and spoke in broken English.
My favorite songs: Old Rugged Cross,The Lords Prayer, Ring Around The Rosey......When I got older: Indian Love Call, These Boots were Made For Walking, Loads of other songs I can't remember right now.
My favorite music: Country Western, Blues, The Bettles, Elvis Buddy Holly, the Platters,Hailey and His
Comets,Liberace and lots of others from that era (50's)
Lots and lots of them. Great music back then. Great music...Good Morals.