Thursday, July 15, 2010

All Stars quilts....

Do you remember this quilt???
I made it for the Moda Bake Shop and it was published in the beginning of June. So many people said that they loved it and wanted to make it! Now that is just flattering in and of itself!! I copy so many things that others do that I just feel honored that someone would want to copy me!! 

The other day I found an email from Beverly who made this quilt using the tutorial

Isn't it beautiful?? She made it to put up in her Sunday School room. She loved it so much that she made another one! 

This one she made a little smaller for a baby quilt! Aren't they so beautiful! I love them! I think she may have even made it better than me! So AWESOME job Beverly! 

Now if you really want to make my day.....if by chance you made one of my tutorials, please please share them with me! I love to see your work!! 


Pat said...

They're all very nice, Crystal.
Happy Quilting!

Monica said...

Love the quilts. Do you have the link to the tutorial?