Monday, July 5, 2010

Quilting Bees

I finally am caught up on my quilting bee's!! I feel so bad that I am a few days late, but hey they are done!

Here is Kristen's block

She wanted a signature block so I did mine. I don't like it much but it kinda shows me....disorganized and all over the place! 

Then of course I have to make my own (this is my asterisk's block design but instead of all of the cutting I just appliqued it. although is it called appliqueing when I just pinned and stitched?)

Here is Vanessa's block. ( I haven't made mine yet)

Susan's blocks. I had made a few of these blocks before and really liked them, so I made them for her! 

Tamiko's blocks. She wanted a wonky log cabin or a star. I choose the log cabins. I still need to make mine though

The only one that I don't have done is the Round Robin, but since it's not really set by the month I am still waiting for the next blocks. But  I think when I get them I will get a few at a time. But I know that they are in the mail! 

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