Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I learned how to crochet shortly after I got married and have been doing it since. Sometimes I crochet more at times while sometimes I just don't want to. We all have those times! Well I get newsletters from Lion's Bran Yarn. They have TONS of free patterns. I saw this beautiful bag and decided to make it.

I used different yarn, the one used for making washcloths....not sure the comes on the cone. I thought it might not stretch as much. I had some left over and so was able to make this one.
I don't like the color as much but it works. So I decided then to make another one in some prettier colors!

I am using this currently as my purse. I was going to make a lining but the wholes were little enough and if I don't put anything too little in the bag it will be fine. 

I ended up making a small flower from this website. I wish I had a plain color so it would stand out more, but alas I was out of yarn. 

I had so much fun making these that I am tempted to make another one and have it as a giveaway! What do you all think?? Have a giveaway and then you get to pick the color?? We will just have to see!! 


Jan said...

Cute Crystal! I love the one with the flower on it. Great job!

Catherine said...

Looks like a great bag and I love the flower on it. Maybe a little cluster of flowers would make it stand out more?

Pat said...

Those are really pretty, Crystal. You can sure do a lot of different things, my dear.
Happy Quilting!

by Daisy said...

wow, these look really precious!