Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A start!

I don't know what my problem is but I just have a hard time decorating! I get an idea in my head that I REALLY  like and I decide that I want do to that and then I stop. One week turns into 2 months and then that goes into 6 months! But I am happy to say that I have finally started and am hoping to have my projects done soon.

One was to hang shelves up over our HUGE desk area. This is our "main" area where we spend a lot of time. Our computers are here and this is where I quilt. The thing is, since you need a LOT of things to quilt with I just plain ran out of room!! So when I saw this cute idea to put up shelves and then mod podge some fabric over the top, I immediately wanted to do it. I only have 4 out of 16 boxes done, but the shelves are bought and half are put up.

Then next I have painted all of my little frames black (thanks to my cousin Amy who helped me design a color scheme for my living room area). I plan to put family pictures in them and hang them in my hallway/stairway area. Now I just need to print pictures and then hang!

See a start....I will post more pictures as I go along. And I do plan on making a small wall hanging to go between my shelves. The fabric I am using for the front (and what I will use for the wall hanging) is Moda's Astor Manor by 3 Sisters. I have used that as accents through out my home.


Amy said...

Yeay! First of all those boxes are so cute Crystal!!!! And I am so excited to see your picture frames, way to go!!

Pat said...

Love your idea of the boxes. Great.
Crystal, I made a collage from a lot of my family photos and put them into one large frame rather than keep some of them in photo albums, which I seldom look at. I have also, made them for family as a gift for Xmas. Some when their kids were small, various family functions. I enjoy looking at them on the wall, which I wouldn't be able to do often in the albums.
Nice you have Amy to help you also. I can hardly wait to see it when it is done. Great family and friends, my dear friend.
Happy Quilting!

Luv 2 Kreate said...

Looking good!

Pat said...

Crystal. It's me again. Just want to throw this at you too. I've covered some picture frames with fabric. First, I layed a thick layer of batting on top, then covered it with fabric, and glued it on the back.I said that because of the Moda Aster fabric you have accented around your home. That used to be popular years ago, and covering albums.
Happy Quilting!

Marina said...

Go! You can do it! Will I? Marina (from Argentina, but having the same problem: order!) :-)