Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I spy progress

One quilt top done....two to go.
I was able to get Kimball's i spy quilt top done tonight. I was really excited to start it but as I went along I lost interest! I think it was because I got confused a lot. But when Kimball would lay down and put the individual blocks on himself I figured I better finish it soon. I would pin it tonight but I don't have any batting right now. So it will have to wait for now. 

The original i spy part was only 63"x 40" and it seemed really small to me, so I took some train fabric (nothing else would work for Kimball) and made a border for it. My border is 10" wide on each side, a little much but I didn't know what else to add and not distract from the trains. 

Some things that I learned while making this....
1. Either my cutting or sewing is off because cutting the patch into 4 I had a lot of problems and had to trim a lot. Even sewing the rows together I was off. I thought my sewing was getting better or my cutting was better but I guess not. So I wouldn't suggest this idea to those who still have problems with that, you really need to have the seams line up. 
2. It is rather small and sew I would suggest making more blocks (therefore needing more i spy blocks) to make it a little bigger. If you want it for a baby, I wouldn't add to it. 
3. Double check laying your blocks out in the particular order. I had a few blocks that had issues even when I was careful. 
4. When I was sewing the pieces together I had two different directions to sew the blocks together and it scared me. But's it's okay and the quilt will come together with them sewn in different ways. Just make sure you have a least 8 sewn together in the same way so that you have your row. 

All in all I like the quilt and I think Cara did an awesome job creating it. But since I need to make 2 more twin quilts I don't think I will be using this layout. I think I will do a simple blocks for the next two, although after making the next one I might decide that I don't want to and change it for the last quilt. 

Hope my opinions and experience helps you if you decide to make one! 

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