Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nathan's new hobby

Lately Nathan seems to be copying me a lot. He likes to vacuum (not complaining about this one). He will actually clean up the living room or his room just so he could vacuum. Then he saw me pressing some blocks and now he LOVES to iron. I had to get some scraps that he could iron when he wanted because he wanted to so much. He likes to spray starch and then iron. The thing is he doesn't do that well of a job and likes to move on quickly. But it keeps him happy. He has even dropped the iron on the floor and made a melting spot, just like his mom (don't worry we have a rug on the ground).
Yesterday he told me that for his birthday he wants a sewing machine just like mine so that he can make quilts for him and his brothers! Is this a future quilter? We will see...I am going to sew with him the next time he asks. 

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Peach Rainbow said...

A future quilter? - Most probably!