Monday, July 26, 2010


Nathan will turn 6 years old on Saturday. It is so sad to see him grow up so fast!! It just seems like yesterday that he was born! This year for his birthday we decided to have a little party for him. I thought it would be nice to have a Lego theme party. So I started searching on Google for some party ideas and what not. I found this AWESOME site, I'm Topsy Turvy. She is an awesome woman who is very creative, and to boot....she has autistic children as well!! She has already done a Lego Party so I just took from her ideas. I will be trying to attempt to make her Lego cake as well as the Lego candy.

For the Lego candy I needed to either buy a mold or make one. Since 1)I couldn't find any soon and 2)they were very expensive of the ones I could find. But once again, I'm Topsy Turvy made one and showed me how! But let me share with you what I did.
First you create your little mold area. I took 2 small green plates and added a two deep edge. Then in the middle I added Lego's for the different sizes that I wanted. 

I thought it would be really awesome if I had a little dude, so I decided to try it. 
I got my mold stuff from this place, you want the food grade silicone. 

You first mix the two parts together, for my two molds we used the full 1lb set that we bought. We started out in a different container but then just finished it up in the bowls that it came in. You want to make sure that it is 100% mixed otherwise it doesn't mix properly, it won't set. (IF you do decide to mix it in a different bowl once it sets you can easily peel it off)

Then you pour them evenly in each container. We had just enough to make these two molds. I was hoping for more but nope. 

In the instructions it said you need to paint on a small layer on first as well as tap it afterwards to make sure there are no bubbles. We did neither of these and it turned out just fine. The molds were too full to really tap so we just left it. 

We let ours rest over night (best choice). Then we took off the bottom green plate first and then one by one we took down the sides of the mold. Then you can flex the sides and pop the Lego's out. 

You can see where my little person I had to really pry him up and then I made a little slit to the top part of him. He was really stuck in there but eventually popped out just fine. 

So with 1lb we got about 2 6" squares. 

So after having them done I decided to tackle the gummies first. I was going to try Ashlee's recipe on her site but I decided to try a different one. So I used Skip to My Lou's site and used her recipe. I wanted mine more gummier so I added a 3rd gelatin packet but after eating some ( You HAVE to sample your work) I think it is a little too hard, so the next time I will only use 2.

They popped out very nicely

I even had my little dude pop out nicely! 

My pouring skills weren't the greatest so I did have some leakage on top on some of my Lego's

But never fear, that is what the kitchen shears are for! They cut nicely off, no problem. So don't worry if you spilled a little on top, it comes off easily enough. This one recipe filled both my molds with a tiny left over. I just poured it in a bottom of a glass and let that settle. 

I am planning on making more so I have enough to hand out to the kids at the party, but I am going to try some different levels of the gelatin and I am going to also try some sugar free Jello since the gelatin is piratically little calories! Maybe I found some yummy snacks! 

Tomorrow I am going to try and make some sucker candy and more gummies. So stay tuned for some more goodness....


Luv 2 Kreate said...

That is the coolest thing ever!!!

Amy said...

Um.... wow. Can we say over acheiver?? I swear you are the best mom ever. This is such a fun thing to make for the party!!

The Andrew's said...

That is SOOO awesome!!! He is going to love it!!! Such a neat idea! :)

Pat said...

So clever and lovingly thoughtful, Crystal. Such talent!
Happy Quilting!

Lopez Life said...

Wow!! You are so creative! I would have never thought of that!!