Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DSQ9 Progress

As the month is going on I have seen so many cool looking quilts on the DQS9 thread....I wonder which will be mine! So I have been meaning to get back to mine and I did this morning while kids were in school.
This is the smallest block I have ever made!!! It is only 2" square! 

This will be a quilt for one of the doll quilts I am making....

Then here is the smallest patchwork quilt I have ever made. The seams aren't 100% perfect but it's really hard working with only 1 " squares. 

You can't see the ruler that well but you can get an idea of how big these quilts are!!! 

I also finally found some fabric in my stash that I wanted to use. I put some heat n bond on them and cut out the desired pieces that I wanted. I still have small accessories that I want to add but am going to wait until I sew all of these down and then add my house....I hope I can make my house small enough!!! I should have done that first but oh well....I will live with what I have. But so far I am making some great progress. 

One thing I am not sure is what I am going to do about the quilting....not sure what I am going to do at all.... I guess it will depend once again on what it will look like when it's done. But so far I am LOVING them! This is exactly what I wanted and I am VERY glad that I am making one for me. 


KaylaBug said...

I love the very bottom one!!! YOu are amazing!!! I just want to know why EVERYONE else in our family has the crafty bug BUT me!!?!?!?!

Sara said...

Little tiny squares indeed! More power to you. Maybe IF I had to do "one" square for a pincushion or something I would do it, but for a whole quilt even if it is a doll quilt---No Mam! So go on with your bad self:O)

SheilaC said...

wOw! Those are tiny!!! They look great!

Cheri C. said...

Okay... I want to see the back of the star one... love it! but I can't figure out how you would press seams... BEAUTIFUL!