Saturday, July 10, 2010


Last week Travis's sister, April was in town with her two girls and his cousin Tyler. We had them over and then we got to go to a park and then an aquarium in Salt Lake. Everyone had fun playing together.
While we were waiting for Brandon and Nathan to come home from summer school they had fun playing in the sand box. 

Then when they got home we left, but we got their before Grandma Walker, April and Tyler were done with a Dr. appointment in SLC so we went to a nearby park for about 15 minutes. Long enough for everyone to go potty!

Travis sporting his new daddy shirt and new hat!

This is my feable attempt to get everyone's picture before we went into the aquarium. I got everyone standing together and that was about it. 

They had a pool with sting rays in them. It was a BIG hit! Everyone was a little afraid to try and touch them (you could) but after awhile everyone did, but me and Grandma.


They also had pegiuns there, but I didn't' get pictures. It was too crowded and then both Nathan and Brandon took off because there were too many people and noise in a small area. 

Nathan found a hidden door in the wall

They had a small story time while we were there, although Nathan and Kimball lost interest right after he started.

So they went and played in some rocks that they had! 

Overall it was a very fun day! I was glad to come home and get a small rest before it was time for me to go watch Eclipse with my friends that night. 

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Pat said...

Those pictures are worth a thousand words. How cute. How much fun. I wish I was there with everybody too. Those kids are surely having a ball. Looks like Travis is too. Nice shirt.
Crystal, you have such a wonderful and loving family. You are so blessed, my dear friend.
Happy Quilting!