Sunday, July 11, 2010

I can transform!

Saturday morning Nathan brought me his legos' and told me that he had made a transformer. And he did! I was very impressed, so much that I decided to share!


End product:

I think the best part is that he is using his imagination to think of it as a transformer. He used have BIG problems with his imagination. He would only reenact things and a block was only a block and nothing else. So I think I might have been really impressed with that more than anything! 


Pat said...

Wow! What a super job Nathan making his transformer. That's just great, Crystal, really great.
Smart kid. That was fun to see. I think all of your boys are great.
Happy Quilting!

Midnight Mama said...

Very cute! Just wanted to give you a shout and say thanks for the comment on my new bakeshop tutorial. It made me smile this morning! Love your work!

Hugs & stitches,