Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DQS9 Starters

For the Doll Quilt Swap9, I have already gotten started, but barely. I don't need to mail it out until August but with the way I have been working lately I might as well get done what I can for now.
The blue is the sky and the green is the grass. I am making one for myself (so it will be easier to send it off) I am going to let my partner (she doesn't know that it's her yet) pick which one she likes. Unfortunately I haven't seen her post in awhile so I will probably go with what is the most popular. 

I plan on putting a house on it, and fill the sky with clouds, sun and birds. Then I was going to add some flowers, sidewalk, a mini mini quilt and some toys to the grass. I think I am going to add maybe a tree and a swing set too. Not sure, but as I go I will go with the flow and see what happens! 

So which one do you like the most so far??? I am liking the non-log cabin ones. That one doesn't really have a name, not sure what to call it but the non-log cabin grass. 

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