Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blue and Gold

Brandon attended his first Blue and Gold this week. He was nervous and very excited at the same time. He had to perform a dance in front of everyone with the other cub scouts and then he was able to receive his first patch. He passed off his Bobcat, so he is now officially a Wolf.

It was Hawaiian themed and the food was wonderful! Grandma and Grandpa Walker, Aunt April, Sierra and Brittney were able to come.
Brandon with Grandpa Walker
I can't remember exactly what the dance was called but it is a popular Polynesian dance, the Hanuka?
This is Brandon right before hand. 
He was also able to do the opening ceremonies. Travis went up there and helped him, but because he did Nathan and  Kimball thought that they could run up there too. They were too fast for me to catch, so we went with it.

Now we are going to start working on our Wolf section and get things worked off. Brandon has already read most of the book and is very excited to pass things off. He is mostly excited about the camping and fishing.

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The Picketts said...

How fun! It's called the Haka. It's a Polynesian Warrior dance. We learned it in seminary last year from Sione (from Biggest Loser). Super fun! Way to go Brandon!