Monday, February 7, 2011

What do you do on weekends??

What do you do on weekends? Do you stay at home and relax? Do yard work (when the weather is nice)? Get caught up on housework? Go shopping? Or do you go on a field trip?

That's what we do!!!

I have learned that with my boys field trips are a LOT more fun that just going to a store and looking around. Also they know a set of behavior that is required when we go on field trips. And since we have been working in this for YEARS it is a lot easier to take the kids. So when we were invited to Cabela's and look around we said yes. 

 Cabelas (not sure if they have them in all of them)  have a big fish aquarium of stream fish, mostly catfish and trout
 Here is Carson
 and his sister Riley
 I was trying to get all of the boys to look at me, but no luck
We even found dead fish.....
 Then we went over to a different display of mountain animals and got to feed the fish below...
Carson, Sierra and Aunt April

 The boys had so much fun. Grandma Walker was very smart and brought LOTS of quarters...
Wait....are all of the boys looking at me?? No it's just Dad standing next to me jumping up and down trying to get their attention
Like how long his go-tee (sp) is? I HATE it. He knows it, but likes it. Since he has no reason to cut it (his new boss likes it) I won't be able to get him to cut it off until we get our family pictures done sometime in the spring. 
Ahh well I love him all the kinda fits his personality
 Here is Sierra and Brittney....I loved their hair...they did it themselves!
 While some were checking out the "bargains" We checked out some chairs. Brandon got Grandma to try this one out with him.
 I try to come prepared and I know that my kids attention will wade after a few minutes even if we keep moving, so I brought some popcorn and workbooks. My boys LOVE popcorn!
 We got to go into an area with more forest animals; deers, elks, moose, bears. Brittney and Riley liked to hit the buttons that told about the area.
 Then for the sinker...upstairs they had a firing area! It was all electronic but the kids LOVED it
 Kimball couldn't hold the gun, it was too heavy but he would jump up and wait for me to help him...but I wanted to get pictures
 Daddy helped Brandon to begin with and then I finally sent Kimball to him. Daddy REALLY enjoyed it as well
 Aunt Rose got into it too. I think we actually had enough adults for each of the kids.
 Aunt April had fun too...her girls are so tiny I am not even sure if they could hold the guns as well. It was a rather hard time taking Nathan from the guns.....we had quite a tantrum, and I had to bring out the spicies!!! (We use it as a conciseness for bad behavior. They hate spicy food so it helps. I usually only have to bring out my Tabasco sauce bottle and they start behaving, but unfortunately Nathan was too his breaking point. Yes I know, I am a MEAN mom. At least I own up to it! )
On our way out we stopped by some animals from Africa...they had some ice fishing things next to it, and so the boys had fun sitting in the tent. After this 2 hours had gone by and the boys had had it. Also Daddy was pretty much gone too. It was a fun field trip and the boys had fun. 

The best part.....we were up in the decor section and Travis found a Hersey's chocolate smelling candle!! SO DIVINE! Oh that is on my list that Travis will have to get me. I wonder if I use it, will it help me with my cravings for it or make it worse....I rather take that risk and get one!!

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