Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day and Giveaway Winner!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!! Today has been busy. I went to Brandon and Nathan's classes today to help out and be there for them. They didn't have a "party" they just passed out their valentines. There we about 50 in each of their classes! So needless to say the boys got a lot of candy!

While we were at school I noticed that Kimball was getting a rash of some sorts on his hands. So when we were leaving I checked his body and sure enough...he had spots on his body. We went to the instacare and they said it may be a virus, but after showing a fellow friend and Mom, she said it was the same type of rash her daughter got after she finished taking her amoxicilian! Kimball has been on amoxicilian for 9 days now, but his ear infection is gone so we are done taking it. But poor little Kimball missed his Valentine's party with some neighborhood kids. But Nathan was so adorable and shared a lot of his candy with him! And even me! Here are a few pictures of them at school this morning eating breakfast. (Brandon wouldn't eat with us, and just wanted to go to class).

My wedding anniversary is on the 16th, so we kinda combine Valentines and our Anniversary. But this year we are keeping it LOW KEY! Hand written love notes to each other for today and then just a nice romantic evening in bed after we put kiddos to bed. So therefore, no more Valentine pictures! 

Now on to the giveaway! Thanks again to everyone that participated! Hopefully you weren't sore for too long!

Yeah congratulations Domestic Diva!!! I will send you an email! For everyone else if you would like me to send you a little special something, please send me your address and I will mail you something. I feel like asking people to workout is a lot and I appreciate you all doing it for me!!! 
In case you wanted to know, out my 4 friends that I do this weight loss challenge with, this weeks points I finished 2nd! I had a total of 69pts and from you guys alone I had 14! I had a total of 7 people participate which is 7 more than I would have ever dreamed of! Thank you again!!


affectioknit said...

FUN! I hope your little guy feels better soon...a rash is no fun...

Amy said...

Love all the photos, and stories, hope the rash goes away soon. Glad you had a good vday!
I'll email you my address!

Yeast Infection said...

As on valentine day it is a day which is very special for everyone. But as are telling us that you are sick and not feeling well then that you can enjoy that moment with your family at your own home.