Friday, February 4, 2011

I now have a Cub Scout

You can join cub scouts when you turn 7 years old, but in our church cub scouts is part of the youth/children age program. You enter when you turn 8 years old. Now that Brandon is 8, he is now a cub scout! He is so excited!

Last week we had our very first pack meeting. He was introduced, received his book, a neckerchief and a neckerchief tie.
 A funny story...Our Cub Master doesn't know Brandon very well so, when he was giving Brandon's book, he told him he had to take it everywhere with him. To school, to church, to bed, everywhere! Now a "normal" child would think that this is funny and just laugh, but Brandon....being and "Aspie" (nickname for Asperger) takes EVERYTHING seriously and it's a rule and you have to follow it. So our Cub Master was just trying to be funny and get Brandon to bring his book to scouts...I saw where this was going (so did Travis) and we immediately said, Brandon you just have to bring it with you to scouts all the time! His other Den Leader who knows Brandon a little better, after hearing us jumped in too and said it was only for scouts too and he didn't really have to take it with him everywhere! Needles to say he did take it to school with him the next day. We had to talk about it again and he is now leaving his book at home, and ONLY taking it to scouts. 
After Brandon got his things he got to pick a cheer....this was a little odd for him, but after watching the other boys he knows that it is nothing "embarrising" to do. 
For the rest of the meeting he sat and read his book. We had to keep nudging him to participate and we had to take his book away so he could play in the activity in the end. He is quite proud of his book. 
The next day after I picked him up after school, he asked me who was smarter...I said Daddy, because well he is. He then said that he wanted Daddy to work with him on his book because he was smarter. I FINALLY have him to the point that he will let me work with him on his book (We are talking about a 2 week time period).
Brandon got to participate in the color guard. He had NO CLUE what to do but he had help from the Cub Master. I am sure that in NO time he will have the whole ceremony memorized and can do it with out help! 
I am so proud of him! He has read most of his book now and has found that he can go camping to earn a badge. Not sure if that is true for Cub Scouts, or it is when he is a Boy Scout, but nevertheless he is excited!


affectioknit said...

I'm the Cubmaster here and I can't say enough good things about Scouting...I'm so glad you found a Pack! Very Best Wishes!

Kayla said...

That is so awesome!! Good for him!!

I am happy that you jumped in and said only scouts...that could have been a mess!

I am so excited for him...he will love it!

Amy said...

Very cute photos, congratulations to him. Cody loved this growing up, I hope Brandon loves it just as much!

LearningByReading said...

My mother was a volunteer for Cub Scouts and I have many fond memories of how she contributed to our Pack.
Stay at home Mommies rule! We need more of them. Thank you

DL3 said...