Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pretty in Pink Bee Blocks...and my take on Quilting Bee's

I am so glad that my Pretty in Pink Bee Quilters have patience, because with me that have used a lot!!! Thank you ladies!!

Here are Karie's Blocks (Love the Bliss!)

Here is Amy's Blocks 
 These were house improv blocks.

 This is a car next to the house, if you can't tell....the picture isn't that great
As I went along I had to trim a whole lot more that I really my wheels that had a circle, didn't turn out as well as I wanted. 

Here are Sylvia's blocks
 She is making a star quilt, with different stars of different sizes. I made a 12" block and then had enough to make some little ones with the scraps and made with a white background and colored star and then one with colored background and a white star.

And then last but not least....Jackie's blocks
 She wanted to make a sampler quilt. One traditional block and one modern
 I made a large 9-patch block and then cut it up and sewed the pieces together. I wanted to do a crazy 9-patch block but cut it wrong, so just went with it.
I wanted to then to have a regular 9-patch block. Hopefully she likes them. 
Now I am out of bee blocks!! FINALLY!

I started 2 different quilting bee blocks at the beginning of the last year...One a round robin and one a regular bee. After all of the my quilting bee experiences I don't know how I feel. The round robin turned out terrible. We had one lady who decided half way through that she didn't want to do it, but before she told us had gathered 4 different sets of people's blocks. And as of now (9 months later) we have no hope of receiving them, unfortunately my blocks were in that set! Then we had 2 different people drop out through out the year. So what do I have to show for it? 2 blocks that a lady had made me because she dropped out early and I had already made her blocks. I guess this is one of those experiences that you just have to live with. 

The second bee that I joined (well actually it was my very first one) We had I think maybe 2 different people dropped out during the year. I had my blocks sent out in September and I don't think I have all of them back yet. But hey...I have blocks from November that I am sending. 

I am still in 2 more quilting bees, my Pretty in Pink Bee and my Live, Laugh, Sew bee. So far with the Pretty in Pink Bee, no one has dropped out (not 100% sure on that) and the Live, Laugh, Sew bee, the leader dropped out and I think maybe 1 other. They all kinda blend together. 

Want my advice? 
1. Go in knowing it is a gamble. You cannot control everyone and there is no guarantee that it will go as planned. (Round Robin bee's are the biggest gamble of them all)
2. Know who you are going in with. I think ideally that if you know the people you go into the bee with, you will have a much higher success rate. And if you don't know them personally, at least have seen them around the blogging world and know that they are a big time quilter. These type of people are more likely to finish the bee.
3. If you can, try to go in the first few months of the bee, that way it is still fresh and you will get all of your blocks.
4. Don't pick a very hard block, people will be more put out and it will take longer to get your block back. But along those sames lines don't make it too simple of a block. 

Out of all the bee's I have met some new people that I have come to adore and count them as a new blogging friend. I have also been introduced to some amazing blogs too. I think if you really want to try a quilting bee, do it. So you can at least have the experience of one.

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