Sunday, February 13, 2011

Exercise or Quilting??

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who did the workouts!! I really appreciate it! Just think with all of that exercise you are now able to sew for longer periods of time.....wait that doesn't sound right!

I am not sure if everyone has checked out my friends weight loss blog, but if you have, hopefully you haven't found me too disgusting!! But if you haven't I wanted to show that I too have been working out hard!
 Here is me doing the planks from workout #1~ They sure are hard! You think oh heck I can do that! But dang they add up!!
 We have additional workouts that we can do, I have a little gazelle that I use, so here is me on it. Nathan likes to take pictures of me while I exercise.
 Nathan then of course wants his turn to exercise. Well actually all my boys like to use it. Why not, start exercising at a young age, although I think we need to work on intensity and length, but not yet.
 Kimball is now getting tall enough that he can now reach the handles.
 I think I had just finished workout #4 in this one. Doing those burpees....oh my heavens!!! They hurt my knees! I had thoughts of doing that workout again but never got it!
Here is another one earlier in the week! I am excited because with our tax return this year (yes we are poor enough that we get nice tax returns...I like them!) we can get me a treadmill!! YEAH! I have wanted a treadmill for AGES! So now I need to start researching them, but first and fore most find one that I can afford!!!

Now we have one last day to do this challenge (until tonight at midnight) and I wanted to let you all know that if you did more than one workout you can get an extra entry into the giveaway! I will draw names tomorrow sometime, and let you all know!!

Thanks again everyone!!!


affectioknit said...

Yep! Hate the plank...

Happy Valentines Day!

Amy said...

Kayla found a treadmill on ksl for $100 - so check there first! (Make sure it WORKS before you bring it home) and way to go on exercising!! That's awesome!