Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I must look like

The other day I decided to exercise in the afternoon instead of waiting until the boys went to bed. I did a stairs workout (running up and down my stairs in 4 min. intervals) core exercises and push ups. After I was done I needed to take a few pictures of myself and make a video to post on my friends and I's blog. This gets me points, and I like points.

Kimball at times would try to do the stairs with me (even though I asked him not to) and would try to sit on me when I was doing my crunches. So after my workout I told him that he could now do exercises and I would take pictures of him.

Now it makes me wonder...
What do I look like when I workout?
Granted he was enjoying me taking pictures. 
This one, I was not trying to show you my dirty laundry, but trying to take his picture doing his head bobs. I believe that was his push up....all fours and then move his head up and down
Then I was doing a lot of different plank positions, so I believe this is his
Regardless I love my little exercising man! 


Kayla said...

Crystal! I am so proud of you! You are nipping this in the butt. Way to stick to it! You will look great!!

affectioknit said...