Monday, February 28, 2011

A new toy...

Over Presidents day we went to Grandma Walkers house to play and visit. She got a new toy...the Kenect (sp) by XBOX 360. I am not as fond of playing those games as most, so I mostly sat back and watched people play.
At the beginning we had legos and toys everywhere. Here is Brittney playing with a puzzle and Nathan at her feet playing with legos. 
Brandon was put into time out because he was mad at Nathan for taking some of his he is not the happiest. 
Sierra was very happy to have people at her home playing with her. Isn't she beautiful! 
Here is Nathan and Sierra playing the Kenect. They played it the most out of everyone. They had a lot of fun. 
Then here is Brandon and Aunt Rose playing now. Sorry Rose there was no flattering pose/picture! It is kinda fun to watch people play it. I did it once, but I felt too self conscience to really play. I wouldn't mind having one of our own...but I don't think we will for some time, but because it is a very active game I think I would like to own one, one of these days. 

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Kayla said...

LOL that is so much fun! I love Brandons pouty face!!!