Friday, February 25, 2011

What I have been working on....

This past week I have been hard at work making my sister a diaper bag and things so that she can have them before she has her 4th baby. Her babies come early so she was nagging asking me to hurry up and finish it so that she can pack her hospital bag. I was waiting for my Mom to send me some fabric, but in the end I used some of my scraps.
I used my extra Spirit by Moda to make her things. I had them left from my Moda Bake Shop quilts. I was afraid it would be rather loud, but it turned out just fine.
It is just a simple bag, or a tote some would say. I just googled diaper bag tutorial and picked the one that I liked the best (okay the easiest looking one) This is the tutorial I used. Sewmuchado Blog 

I like this bag so much I think I will make myself one. It's nice and big and I can customize the pockets for what I want it to be. 
Then I made her a nursing cover too. I didn't have one piece large enough so I improvised and made panels. I finished this one first before my sister knew what fabric I was using, and she really liked them. It made it a lot easier to make the diaper bag. Same as with the diaper bag I googled a nursing cover tutorial. This is the link I used. Freshly Picked Blog

I then had some left over soft and cozy fabric (I forget the name, I want to say minx from Moda, not 100% sure though) and made her some burp cloths. 
Now she has a matching set and collection. They are zooming their way to her now and hopefully she will get them tomorrow, and then she will be able to go into labor any time! Then what sister would I be if I didn't send some goodies along with it? So I sent some chocolate! Ah chocolate can fix anything! 


Lopez Life said...

I am so lucky to have such a talented sister that is willing to whip up some necessities for me!! THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag! I love the fabrics that you chose.