Friday, January 13, 2012

Angry Birds

So since I am still behind in all of my postings, here are some more Christmas presents that I made. ANGRY BIRDS! 
 So I started out by finding a pattern and made it for Trav at work. Well I found that I could make my own patterns for some and found all that I could find. Well Everyone at Trav's work LOVED them and I even had a request to make some for someone. So I began making......
 Red Bird: After researching this is the pattern that I liked the most. Red Bird
 Yellow Bird: I ended up making this pattern up as I went. I tried really hard to write the pattern as I went along. I will post instructions for this as soon as I finish making them more "official".
 Black Bird: Here is my favorite patten for it. Black Bird
 Blue Bird: I again made up this pattern. I was trying to think of a way to combine 3 of them in one like it is in the game but no idea came to me. Once again I will post a pattern for this one when it is done.
 Green Pig: This turned out really ugly. I don't like it at all. I used a patterned I didn't really like and it was written really weird. But since I made these I have found another one that I like much better. Green Pig.
 White Bird: I again made this pattern up as I went. I found one where someone made  their bird like this before, and so I tried to recreate it. Once again I will post instructions once I am done making them.
 For the ones that I had to create, I searched and searched for any and all crocheted birds that I could find and just took different ones that I liked parts of and made my design from that.
 I think these could have turned out a little better, but I was REALLY rushed!
 For Christmas I made 4 of each of these guys! They are all gone now too....It took me so long to make them all!
So now of course that I am sick and tired of making birds, Trav's best friend has asked for a set.....grr doesn't he know the hours it takes to make them?? Of course not, he's a male. So I have started working on some more sets, but I warned him that I would take my time! But as I make them I am making some extras too. So I am prepared if someone else asks for some and for the boys. For some reason the boys think they should each have their own set!


Tiffany said...

Crystal, these are amazing. I am super impressed with your crochet abilities! No wonder people are asking for more! Good work!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, those are so cute! Elise always wants me to get her angry bird stuffed animals at the store, these are so much cuter! I would actually get her these ones.

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