Thursday, January 5, 2012

Festival of Trees : Part Two - Trees

Here are the trees and things that interested me or Trav.....
 Raider's tree....
 Nathan was very happy to get his picture with daddy with "his" tree.
 I saw these cans and they are so cute! They were LARGE tin cans that were painted and then stacked and glued to make snowmen. A definitely cute Christmas project for the family as presents.
 Trav and I saw this cute tent with that was made simply! We thought that the boys would really like something like this.
 Very simply made! Had to take pictures of it to make sure we could "reproduce to them"
 I can't remember what the theme of this tree was, but I LOVED this pig! "When pigs fly!"
 Here is the tree themed from the movie "The Christmas Story", so cool.

I love this picture! Some day I want this painting.
 Then we have this Harry Potter themed tree.

 I love these hour glass points cool!
A cool Angry Bird Ginger Bread thing. 
I love this tree! It was a sewing tree! 
 I mostly loved this tree skirt! My favorite part of it.
 Brandon is in a big Angry Bird kick, so we had to take picture of this tree.
Then lastly I loved this tree set....the Raiders and Broncos! Love the combo! Trav and I always like to go to heads with them with each team.

There were tons more trees but these were the most "favorite" ones.

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Emily said...

I've always wanted to go to Festival of Trees, but never have. Looks like it was worth it. By-the-way, that Santa with the Nativity picture was at Hobby Lobby. Check there, they might still have some on clearance!