Monday, January 30, 2012

Worst Mother of the Year Award...

and it goes to.....ME!

So yesterday we were getting home from church and I am shutting the van sliding door behind the kids, I start shutting it to only slam the door on Nathan's poor hand! At first we just thought it was smashed a little but then after looking at it again, we noticed it bleeding....

So off runs Travis with Nate to the ER. Come to find out, Nathan chipped his bone, lost his finger nail, got 2 stitches and has a plastic thing between his skin and nail bed to allow his new nail to grow! Poor kid! He was screaming as they went to the ER, and I guess he was VERY brave when they gave him a shot to numb his finger, but when they were removing the nail he started to freak out again. The doctor was very nice and paticent with Nathan.

Two hours later, Trav gets Nathan a Happy Meal and he is much happier! He was happy for the rest of the day with only a little pain. The best part of it all is that he is 1)no longer in much pain and can EASILY handle the 6 hours between medicine and 2)he still loves his Mommy to death!

We have no pictures of him in the ER, Trav didn't think of it until later, but I think it is for the best, it was gross and bloody! But I do have a picture of his little cast finger.
 My brave little guy!


Heidi @ Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies said...

Would it make you feel better that I yelled at my oldest to stop whining about his hang nail after he got hit with the ball while batting in baseball? I didn't know it hit him hard enough to completely fracture his finger. Completely broken all the way through. When did I figure it out? A day later when it was swelling and black. He lost his fingernail too. Just an accident momma! At least you didn't yell at your 7 yo son because he didn't run to first base because of a hangnail...oops!

Kathy said...

Aw, look at him with his brave smile! I think the ER trips are harder on the moms than the kids.

danih03 said...

Awe don't be hard on yourself. When my oldest was just a toddler he was laying in the floor, sucking on a bottle with his foot propped up on the bathroom door jam. I was in there fixing my hair. Went to shut the door to go pee, and...........blood curdling scream. I smashed all his toes. I had no idea he had his foot there. I felt awful. My husband was furious with me.And then I got mad at him for getting mad at me because DANG it was an accident!!! He is 15 years old now and his toes are fine:)