Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crochet Christmas

While my Mom was here taking my sister to the MTC, she brought Christmas presents for the kids and I sent her back with my HARD workings to my nieces and nephews in Colorado.
Here is the lot!!! 
For my twin brother and his family:
 For Dallie...a little horse. She loves horses like her Mommy and Daddy.
 For Mason...a set of Angry birds (more on this later)
 For Wyatt....a little tractor. I got lucky and he got some other presents with tractors on it too.
 Then for Morgan....a Zebra. She said that she liked zebra since her bridal and other things have Zebra print on them.
One family down...2 to go. 

My little brother's family:
 For his daughter, Payton....this is a horse that looks just like her Daddy's.
Only one kid in this family 

Lastly, my older sister's family: 
 For Cade....Spongebob...He LOVES him!
 For Zayne....a little caterpillar for him to play with.
 For Zoey...a little doll with a few outfits.
 For Calli.....a doll with some outfits too.
And that is all....
9 crocheted objects.....I would say it took me about 14 days to make all of these....and when I say says I mean about 18 hours of crocheting for each day! Fortunately I didn't do it all in two weeks! I started a little in August. 

I am proud to say that all of my gifts were well received! It makes me VERY happy!