Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Festival of Trees : Part One - People

At the very beginning of December we made our annual trip up to Sandy, Utah to see the Festival of Trees. It is a family tradition and I look forward to it every year.

Here are different shots of all of us....

All those that attended were : April, Brittney, Sierra, John, Jacque, Carson, Riley, Rose, Derek, Wayne, Melissa, Cindy, Trav, Brandon, Nathan, Kimball, James and Me

Brittney so cute! 
 We had a little family picture taken - then right after James and I left to run to Target....James had an accident! And of course I have no spare cloths or anything.

 Carson (John's son) he was showing me what he wanted for Christmas his "two front teeth"
 Carson, Sierra and Nathan....I hope when they get older they become good friends like their parent.
 Poor James was so tired and cranky the whole day - Thankfully he got to spend most of the time in the stroller.

 I love this picture with his look!  But the problem is he LOVES his little MOMMY!
 Poor Brandon....of course he wasn't the happiest...walking all day....tons of people...loud noises.....large area!
 So we felt like doing this to him!!!
 But then we stopped and gave him loves instead! (Trav was just joking with Brandon if you didn't hurt him at all!)
They had a kiddy corner there - and so the kids got to go spend tickets there to get things....Kimball with his face painting
 Very cute.....
 The kids made reindeer hats...
Nathan decided to have his tattoo on his forehead...
 Always towards the end of the day all the kids got tired and had issues....crying and cranky...
But overall we all had a GOOD time!

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