Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas with Grandma Longan

So when Grandma Longan was in town to take Catie to the MTC, she brought presents for the kids.....

first she made me decorate for was after December 8th and I hadn't done anything, I knew I would decorate but just didn't want to was all.....So we got a Christmas tree and started the process of decorating.
Our first real Christmas tree since we were married.

 I love this crazy man of mine....we make a good pair!
 We were thinking of waiting until Christmas for the boys to open presents, but we decided to do it with Grandma there.

 Lets just say they were all VERY happy to receive their presents!

 Saying thank you to Grandma...she was pleased.
 Both Brandon and Nathan got a DS 3D. They were excited but then got didn't really know what it was....

Here is what Nathan looked like when he realized what he actually received! 
  The boys have been playing it every day since they received them!

The boys also got an apron from Grandma too! Grandma didn't have one for James at the moment but after the kids went to bed she made him one too! What a nice Grandma we all have!!