Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some Reasons

One reason why I was so busy right before Christmas was due to these quilts...(Warning, these were taken with my camera phone and weren't the greatest)
 Trav's work bought some fabric for me so that I could make them a quilt with their logo on them and I had two other quilts that I was doing for a friend in Colorado. It's the same person I did these other quilts for.
 She needed them done before Christmas. I cut it a little close with having my sewing machine broken. I had to wait until my Mom came to bring me a sewing machine I left at her house earlier in August.
 I didn't feel as nervous quilting these quilts as I was before, I think I was getting used to the idea.
 Here is Trav's company's quilt. The company is called PcCareSupport. I designed it awhile ago and showed it to one of the owners that shares the office with Trav. He kept bugging Trav to when I would make them, and so I finally told him that if he wanted it soon get me the fabric, so he did! I wanted to keep it simple, but that a word? I think I pulled it off.
 I had extra fabric so I made the main owner his own little quilt for his office. He was pretty impressed, but like always I saw MANY mistakes. You know, those mistakes that only you could see?
I will show pictures of the company's quilts quilted later. Trav gave me little notice as to when he wanted them done and so since it was for a meeting that was at the end of the week, I didn't have time to get pictures of them quilted but will once they are  hung!

I have a favor to ask everyone....Trav's work is having a competition....they just changed their company website to add more information about their employees. And like everything now a days, there is a like button. Well the person who can get the most likes, gets a prize! So Trav has asked me to "beg" for likes! Go ahead and click on here, and find Travis. Thank you all!!