Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Quilting job

Here is another quilt that I quilted before Christmas. It wasn't a Christmas present, but it was for my friend's baby. She was due in January but at a doctors appointment they said she would come earlier so I made this for her before Christmas.
 I once again finished right before it was time to hand it over, so I only had time to grab a few quick pictures and they weren't turning out right, but even then I didn't have time to take better pictures. I wish they were better, it was a very pretty quilt!
 She asked for 1/2" lines, I have only done a 1/4" line so this was a little harder, I had to lay the quilt out and mark lines. I am not sure if there was a better way to do this, but if there was I didn't know.
I first started with a 1/4" line but I wasn't liking how it was looking, so I that's when I decided to go to the 1/2". I left the 1/4" lines to take out later, but when I had the quilt done and was ready to take them out, Trav said he liked it and it showed some of "my style" in it. She said she liked it so I am guessing she liked it too!


Richard Healey said...

I think it looks great. And I am one for having things not exact. When its perfect you look for flaws. When their is something diffident then any flaw must have been done on purpose.


danih03 said...

Oh, don't you worry about the pictures! This quilt caught my eye and it is gorgeous! Love the lines, and the fabric.I looked at all your quilts and WOW! how do you have time to complete so many???? I'd feel accomplished if I made 2 or 3 in a year!