Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Years

Can it be? Am I almost caught up with all past events? Almost!!

For New Years we went to Trav's brothers house to spend the evening. We got there around 2 and the boys men went shooting.
 We watched tv, ate, played games, ate, chilled and ate.
 Of course Daddy/Uncle Trav had to play with the kids. They all had fun playing with him. He is so good with kids.
 James had a lot of fun with the other kids as well.
 In the kitchen they would jump from rug to rug, pretending that the floor was "lava".
 We had some yummy dips and pizza and of course some more junk food.
 Since Brandon's birthday was a few days away we decided to do a little celebration for him.
 Afterwards we let the kids lay down in the living room at watch movies while us adults went into the family room to play games. Everyone fell asleep but Brandon and Nathan.
 So when it was 10 mins to midnight we let Brandon and Nathan get up to ring in the new year with us.
 I got some pictures of me! I was so tired, you can tell by my eyes....
We all had a good time. We left shortly after the New Year to go home. We had church early the next morning. But of course when the morning came around, I was too sick and tired to get up! (I couldn't get to sleep until 5am!)

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